Saturday, February 16, 2019

Point of View

Stairs leading to a shop - Ashoknagar, Bangalore
As a ritual, we stop by at Sandhya Veg in Ashoknagar for breakfast on weekends, after my son's training sessions at Bangalore football stadium. In the adjacent building, a few flight of black granite stairs leads one to a shop located on 1st floor. One day, while passing by, the text on the stairs written with white chalk caught our attention.

At the very first glance, it says PLEASE DON'T SIT PLEASE.

(A notice for those rich people who have the luxury of time at hand, not to sit on the stairs leading to the shop upstairs). 

But when we stood there for a few extra moments, to go beyond the first glance, we could read the same notice, from different point of views. (mischievous point of view).

See the pic above & read it from 1 to 2: SIT PLEASE.
Or read it from A to B: PLEASE SIT.

Ha ha! isn't that funny?
The shopkeeper wrote a simple notice: PLEASE DON'T SIT.
A rule abiding passerby, from his point of view reads it as, Please don't sit.
However, a rebellious passerby, from his point of view, chooses to read it as SIT PLEASE & PLEASE SIT.

So what's the takeaway, from this daily observation?

Ask yourself, what's your point of view?
Do you hold a straight-jacketed, conditioned point of view of the world around you? 
Do you keep a flexible, out-of-the-box, unconditioned point of view?

After all, the way we live our life is a reflection of how we view & perceive the world around us.
So, spare few moments to ask yourself, what's my point of view?